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What makes us tic?

It’s simple – our clients make us tic. At Heartland Drone Company we’re dedicated to creating business relationships with the highest standard while laying the foundation for a lasting partnership. We’re committed to delivering exceptional services and we don’t rest until our clients are 100% satisfied.


But that’s not all. We’re also:

  • Obsessed with getting it right the first time.

  • Sticklers for attention to detail, precision, and accuracy.

  • Big on safety and compliance. We’re FAA certified and insured with up to $10 million in liability coverage.

  • Quick and reliable with fast editing and data turnaround times.

  • Driven to produce creative solutions for our clients.


We’re into a lot of things, but the main factor is you and your business goals. Because it’s our job to help you grow what you’ve worked so hard to build. Helping you is our passion.


Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to drop us a note – we’d love to hear from you!


Andrew Patch | Owner, Heartland Drone Company




Photo or video - it doesn't matter. We strive to deliver consistent quality with every shoot.


Branding isn't just important, it's vital to the success of every business. Companies have unique stories and drones are helping tell those stories in fresh and compelling ways. 



Access hard to reach locations, capture highly-accurate data, and eliminate human error.


Drones are a powerful resource for inspections. They reduce the need for expensive boom lifts, swing stages, and scaffolding. Using high-resolution 4k Ultra HD cameras, drones quickly provide precise data that can help stakeholders make informed decisions.

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Helping pilots and businesses develop a safe and efficient drone program.





Sherry Miller

Marketing Director

Andrew has done a dozen or more projects for me over the past year, and all have been outstanding.


His work is quality, delivered typically ahead of deadline, and is dependably professional every time. He has provided creative suggestions to take the projects beyond expectation, and the videos have been an extremely useful tool in our marketing efforts. 


If you need a quality, experienced drone professional, Andrew is a must call.

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Trudy Faulkner

Vice President

Your work was perfect – and in my opinion is going to save the Owner money because it is allowing us to identify areas of deterioration that were not detectable before!

Your work went beyond what we expected and minimized the amount of time we had to prep. We were able to pull together a quick presentation for the Owner and dig into the items of priority work that must be completed. The images you provided allowed us to do this in a clear, concise manner.

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Michael Gekas

VDC Executive

Air Academy was a great presentation. I'd highly recommend it. Just having access to Andrew, Mike, and Tim and being able to ask them questions and tap their knowledge was valuable, let alone the terrific content they presented.


And the lunch was a really nice touch - supporting another local, small business.


Danny Apgar

Outside Sales

Andrew is the best in the drone business.  His business goes beyond drones though. He is a top-notch video producer on top of drone flyer.  


At Architectural Building Systems we are confident with Heartland and pleased with our dealings that we have partnered with Heartland to produce high-quality drone footage videos of our projects.  


Working with Andrew is the best, he is a consummate professional and a hard worker. He gets the content done swiftly and effectively. There is nobody in the Kansas City area doing this work better than Andrew.