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We are drone pilots and professionals who are committed to helping you develop a rock-solid drone program.

Does your company have a drone program? Do you want to scale it? Or maybe you’re on the fence about developing a drone program and don’t know where to start.

Did you buy an expensive drone and use 1% of its capabilities. Or maybe it's still in the box. (Don't worry, we don't judge)

If this sounds like you - you’re not alone. Air Academy was designed for you!

Common industries include: Real estate, construction, architecture, engineering, marketing, oil & gas, insurance, agriculture, and public safety.

Air Academy Symposium


Join us on Friday, February 28th from 8AM - 1PM at the Lenexa City Center.

Our event will feature presentations from our 4-person panel of drone experts and professionals. Lunch will be provided by Burnt Finger BBQ. By signing up for Air Academy, you will...

  • Receive in-person training from a team of experienced drone operators

  • Network with like-minded professionals in a judgment-free environment

  • Learn how you can use drones to grow your business

  • Confidently navigate rules and regulations from the FAA

  • Practice safer and more efficient drone operations

  • Carve out your stake of a $100 Billion industry

Don't delay! Seating is limited.

Andrew Patch

FAA Drone Pilot

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Mike Raymond

FAA Drone Pilot

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Ryan Wewers

FAA Drone Pilot

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With over three decades of experience, we know exactly what it takes to develop a high-caliber drone program.


From small businesses to large corporations. Teams of all shapes and sizes. We will help you develop a drone program that works for you.


We're consolidating years of experience into user-friendly advice and best practices.

Safety & Compliance

  • Drone law

  • How to study and pass the FAA part 107 exam

  • Airspace restrictions

  • Insurance

  • OSHA


  • Brand development with creative video and photo

  • Actionable data for drone inspections, data mapping, thermal, surveys

  • Standard operating procedures

  • Selecting the right drone for the job

  • How to leverage drones to grow your business


  • Capturing high-quality imagery

  • Sharing data

  • Data storage

  • Software and dashboards


Live symposiums, bootcamps, deep dives, and digital resources to help drone pilots and businesses.


A presentation based event that sets the foundation for a drone program and covers topics such as: Drones for marketing, drones for data, drone law, and fleet operations.


A fast-paced course that covers the essential topics for establishing a successful drone program. Bootcamps are more in-depth and company-specific compared to the Symposium. 

Deep Dive

The most thorough and interactive process of drone training. It is by far our most hands-on comprehensive service that accompanies you through every single step of developing a rock-solid drone operation.