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Getting the job done with safety, speed, and precision. 
We stand by our services and won’t rest until we produce data that surpasses client expectations.


Use drone to capture photos of 27 story building exterior. Photo’s used by preservation architects to assess quality and condition of building envelope. Assessment part of a larger multimillion dollar project to repair and sell the historic downtown high rise.

​Must haves:

  1. High resolution images to show fine details such as cracking and staining.

  2. Images must be captured and labeled to match grid coordinates.

Deadline for data:

Downtown metro

Restricted airspace, wind, cold, battery life, line of sight restrictions, and pigeons.

What we produced:

  1. Precision and accuracy.

  2. Over 300 high resolution images.

  3. Images were individually labeled and marked to ensure the preservation architects could quickly and efficiently review specific areas of the building and accurately grade its condition.

Why trust Heartland Drone Company with your next inspection?


  • FAA certified and insured.

  • Compliant with all FAA, airspace, city, and residential drone requirements.


  • Expert pilot with several hours of building inspection experience.

  • Clean flight record. No crashes.


  • Drones ensure safety by keeping inspectors off hoists, swing stages, and scaffolding.



  • Time is money.

  • A drone can capture precise imagery in hours, compared to weeks or months it would take using traditional inspection methods.



  • Fast turnaround time.

  • Your accurate data is captured quickly and typically delivered within 24 hours.

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Trudy Faulkner, Vice-President

Your work was perfect – and in my opinion is going to save the Owner money because it is allowing us to identify areas of deterioration that were not detectable before!

Your work went beyond what we expected and minimized the amount of time we had to prep. We were able to pull together a quick presentation for the Owner and dig into the items of priority work that must be completed. The images you provided allowed us to do this in a clear, concise manner.

Tom Rewerts, Owner

I have been through all your project photos and they are great! 


Exactly what I was looking for and the resolution is much better than I thought possible with this technology and the wind you were dealing with.

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