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Drones for real estate. Here's everything you need to know.

This month I am teaming up with our partners at Easy Agent Pro to talk about how drones are being used for residential, commercial, and land real estate. 

In this 30 minute live webinar, we'll cover everything a real estate agent should know about drones and how they can help generate more leads. I'll give practical advice to help you select a quality drone provider, how you can navigate rules and compliance from the FAA, and steps you should take if you want to buy a drone and do it yourself.

Plus, me and the guys from Easy Agent Pro will answer your burning questions so come prepared!

What if I'm not in real estate - is this webinar for me?

I guarantee there's something for everyone. Maybe you're already using a drone in your business strategy. Or maybe you've been thinking about it for a while but still need to execute. Or maybe you just want to learn more about drones.

What I discuss in this webinar can translate to industries outside of real estate.

What is Easy Agent Pro?

Easy Agent Pro is a digital marketing platform tailored for the real estate industry. EAP creates beautiful user-friendly websites and digital marketing tools to help agents and small teams get leads, increase engagement, and grow referrals. Follow this link to learn more about Easy Agent Pro.

Register for the webinar Wednesday, July 10th @ 2PM central


Got Questions? We’re Happy to Chat!

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