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Winning with drones: Practical how-to

I recently sat down for a webinar with the team at Easy Agent Pro (EAP). They're a marketing platform that serves the real estate industry. So of course, we covered some specific drone uses for real estate success. But I also talked about several topics that apply to any industry.

In this chat I gave very specific AND actionable steps for establishing a legit drone operation. So if you want to buy a drone and pass the FAA exam - this webinar is for you.

If you want to start using a drone with your current business - this webinar is for you.

Or if you're already using a drone and want to pick up some helpful tips and tricks - this webinar is for you.

Here's a link to the webinar. Video is embedded below.

Topics are labeled with timestamps:

  • Introduction (0:00 - 1:07)

  • Brief background. History of Heartland Drone. Structure of the company (1:07 - 3:28)

  • Flying a drone indoors. How I got started flying inside. Going hand-held with the drone. Useful techniques. (3:28 - 7:45)

  • Equipment. Good entry-level drones. Costs. (7:45 - 11:27)

  • How do I fly legal with the FAA? Commercial vs Recreational flying. Tips for studying and taking the Part 107 exam. (11:27 - 17:50)

  • Drone insurance. The insurance I use. Verifly - on demand insurance. (17:50 - 22:19)

  • Learning curve for flying a drone. How long does it take to fly a listing? Editing advice. (22:19 - 26:00)

  • Battery life. Where I buy my batteries. Cost. (26:00 - 26:48)

  • Lessons learned. That time I hit a tree. (26:48 - 27:55)

  • My prices to fly the drone and edit content. Price points if you want to contract out (28:34 - 32:16)

Here are some links that I reference in the webinar:

  • How to sign up for the FAA Part 107 Exam at an official testing center. Call the center and they’ll give you directions:

  • King Schools (how I studied and passed the part 107 exam):

  • Verifly on-demand insurance I use for every flight. Policies starting at just $10:

  • Article I published featuring a ton of useful content and advice:

  • My LinkedIn account where I post frequently:

  • My website:

  • Video examples on my YouTube channel:


Got Questions? We’re Happy to Chat!

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